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News - Consultancy work

CE Electro-Acoustics latest consultancy work (only companies not subject to confidentiality are listed):


Q Acoustics - 5040

3040R 506x225









 5040 - "A sonic step-up from the Concept 30, this elegant floorstander takes everything great about its standmount brother but delivers more powerful audio, a deeper soundstage and increased bass extension through its leading-edge, low resonance cabinet." [Q Acoustics]


CML Music - Etude 5 Loudspeaker

Etude 5 225x513Etude 5 - "The Etude 5 provides the seamless musical coherence of a full range ribbon, planar magnetic or electrostatic design, but with superior bass performance and a much smaller frontal profile.  The speaker is the product of thirteen years development and is an elegant implementation of a linear array of 85 mm balanced mode radiator (BMR) drive units that are driven full range via an all-pass baffle step equalization filter.  The BMR array shares the same transmission line as two force cancelled 220 mm bass units, that fill in the bass below ca. 100 Hz – This line sharing approach has been given the name "Common Time Base Transmission Line" and enables the agile bass response praised by Chris Baillie in his HiFi Pig review.  CE Electro- Acoustics validated this concept via a simulation approach – modulation of the BMR units by the bass units was found to be insignificant.  The treble is bolstered by a ring radiator tweeter from 6 kHz.  Great attention has been paid to the BMR drive unit mounting with the chassis being fully supported in an aluminium alloy and stainless-steel cage, interleaved with various thin lossy elements." [Christopher Liauw]"









Q Acoustics - Concept 50

Concept-50 255x255

Concept 50 - "A sonic step-up from the Concept 30, this elegant floorstander takes everything great about its standmount brother but delivers more powerful audio, a deeper soundstage and increased bass extension through its leading-edge, low resonance cabinet." [Q Acoustics]







Q Acoustics - Concept 30

Concept-30 255x255

Concept 30 - "Taking acoustic technology and design cues from the flagship Concept 300, while also introducing new audio innovations, the Concept 30 standmount delivers truly high-end home audio performance." [Q Acoustics]







Q Acoustics - M20

m20 255x255

"M20 - Designed to deliver stunning wireless high-resolution stereo sound, the flexible M20 HD audio system is the most powerful and immersive way to enjoy music, movies and gaming sound anywhere in the home." [Q Acoustics]







Q Acoustics - Q Active 400

f15 225x191

"Q Active 400 - The powerful Q Active 400 high resolution system represents the ultimate combination of convenience, style and audiophile-quality sound for exceptional value for money." [Q Acoustics]





Q Acoustics - Q Active 200

f14 225x191

"Q Active 200 - An entire high-resolution wireless audio system, delivering uncompromised hi-fi sound that fits conveniently and seamlessly into your lifestyle. Q Active excels in three key areas:

Versatile. Sound. Design.

And, of course, Q Active represents the sort of prodigious value for money every listener expects from Q Acoustics." [Q Acoustics]



 O.S Acoustics - DBS8

DBS8 Pair 255x255 1

"The O.S Acoustics DBS8 is an ultra-high-definition reference studio monitor, with minimal frequency or time-domain distortions. Meticulously designed to obtain the best possible performance from advanced materials and high-end components for precision monitoring. Using a sealed cabinet and phase-corrected filters, the time-domain performance of the DBS8 is exemplary. The MTM configuration keeps thermal distortion to a minimum, with the heat shared between two 6.5" SEAS drivers, operating as a piston from the bass right through to the mid-range, with controlled dispersion of the high frequencies." [Tom Osborne MD at O.S Acoustics]





 Soundkaos - VOX 3

All VOX3 511x225









"A compact 4 driver 3-way monitor with exceptional room filling presence and low end reach of 35Hz, this compact monitor has people talking. 

VOX 3f with 10 cm ferrite full range | two back to back force canceling 13 cm custom woofers | ambient RAAL ribbon super tweeter top mounted | oiled/waxed finish | bandwidth 35 Hz - 35kHz | 90 dB efficient

VOX 3a with 11 cm custom bronze basket Alnico motor paper cone full range | two back to back force canceling 13 cm custom woofers | ambient RAAL ribbon super tweeter top mounted | oiled/waxed or clear lacquer high gloss finish | bandwidth 35 Hz - 35 kHz | 92 dB efficient" [Martin Gateley MD at Soundkaos]


Q Acoustics - 3030i

3030i White 225x164"The Q Acoustics 3030i is the latest bookshelf or stand-mount addition to our award-winning 3000i loudspeaker range. Designed to deliver big, bassy, hard-hitting yet beautifully poised sound from a compact, discreet and good-looking cabinet, it's packed with Q Acoustics' latest technological advances." [Q Acoustics]




Q Acoustics - QB12

QB12 White 225x180"The QB12 is the first Q Acoustics subwoofer to feature a 12in driver. The big long-throw driver is powered by an ultra low-distortion 220-watt Class D amplifier for tight, powerful bass response, and features a 50mm voice coil for minimal thermal compression. Equally at home with Q Acoustics’ Concept and 3000i range of stereo and centre speakers, QB12 is designed to be equally adept at reproducing big Hollywood action moments as it is the deep, subtle textures of bass instruments." [Q Acoustics]



Q Acoustics - Concept 300

C300 225x485"A combination of rigorous engineering, uncompromised industrial design and aspirational aesthetics makes Concept 300 the most fully realised loudspeaker Q Acoustics has yet delivered. In combination with the equally meticulous Tensegrity stand, Concept 300 represents a step-change in loudspeaker design and a redefinition of what is possible at its price.

Tensegrity Stand & Isolation Base System - With a standmounting speaker design like this, of course, the speaker’s relationship with its stand is of fundamental importance. And it’s the design of the new Tensegrity stand, and the new isolation base suspension system that joins Concept 300 to it, that allows Q Acoustics to redefine the level of performance that’s possible from a smaller loudspeaker. Tensegrity is a tripod - by definition, an extremely stable structure. It’s built It’s built from precision machined stainless steel rods (which are the load-bearing element) and thin stainless steel cables (which maintain the position of the load-bearing rods). The result is an exceptionally rigid and self-supporting structure with a remarkably low surface area and - let’s not pretend otherwise - beautifully elegant appearance. It’s not so much a speaker stand, it’s more an entirely new loudspeaker support concept". [Q Acoustics]

Node Audio - HYLIXA

Node 225x221"HYLIXA presents a new type of speaker – a 'helical bass' design. It's compact, low diffraction cabinet features a wide-bandwidth BMR® for extraordinary vocal intelligibility. Driven by a rearwards firing internal woofer, a 'Helical Transmission Line' (HTL) delivers authoritative bass extension, exiting concentrically around the front baffle to maintain an effective single point source.

Uniquely, these innovations are only possible by exploiting 'laser sintering' manufacturing, new to the audio industry.  The entire cabinet is systematically fused using a computer controlled laser, from particles of Glass and Nylon, resulting in a unified cabinet of remarkable integrity". [Ashley May Director at Node Audio]



Code Acoustics - SA1 

Ceri-sml-speakers-008 528x225

"CODE are very pleased to announce our new SA1 super high quality compact active speaker, designed in collaboration with CE Electro-Acoustics.
The SA1 takes much of the technology from our larger and more expensive SYSTEM-1 & SYSTEM-2 products, yet distills it into a neat and compact package, made available at what we think is a very competitive price". [Ceri Thomas MD at Code Acoustics]


Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D

Lumie Luxe 750D 225x225"Lumie Bodyclock Luxe750D  is an alarm clock that mimics the light and colour of a real sunrise so when you open your eyes you feel properly awake and refreshed. Bodyclock Luxe 750D is the most advanced of Lumie’s Bodyclock range of wake-up lights and has high-quality audio offering DAB radio, Bluetooth, a USB port for more audio files or for charging your phone, and over 20 wake-up and sleep sounds, from classic birdsong and waterfall recordings to background café chat and fading thunder". [Jonathan Cridland CEO at Lumie]





O.S Acoustics - DB7

OS Acoustics DB7 225x225"The O.S Acoustics DB7 is a high-precision reference studio monitor. Offering exceptional frequency response and time domain coherency. Ultra rigid, high-fidelity drive units operate in pistonic motion throughout the working frequency range, lowering distortion and maintaining harmonic purity." [Tom Osborne MD at O.S Acoustics]






Soundkaos - Liberation

SK lib blk 225x299SK lib rear 225x299

"Libération eliminates the box and with it, box colorations, port issues, nonlinear pressurization of the drivers and attempts at choking half the speaker’s output with internal damping materials. Unlike many other open baffles, Libération also eliminates the messy derriere by covering both front and rear in attractive phosphor-bronze mesh covers. The driver array combines two bespoke 8-inch Enviée widebanders with a Raal ribbon super tweeter and a massive 18″ woofer to add scale and spatiality with real authority". [Martin Gateley MD at Sound Kaos]



Code Acoustics - System 1

CA Sys1 225x330"Code Acoustics are an exciting UK start-up, combining cutting edge technology, Great British craftsmanship and innovative ideas to bring genuinely exciting audio products to market. SYSTEM-1 is a high quality 3-way active speaker, with an off-board electronics module. It consists of 'TOP-1', 'BASS-1' and 'CONTROL-1' a 6-channel DSP crossover, pre-amp with 6-channels of power amplification". [Ceri Thomas MD at Code Acoustics ]

CA Amp 339x225





Code Acoustics - System 2 (prototype)

CA Sys2 225x400Code's SYSTEM-2 was recently launched at the National Audio Show 2016 where it was awarded runner up in the 'best sound in show' award and won the 'best innovation' award. System 2 is a truly modular HiFi system, where you can start with just a two-way active bookshelf speaker for a small room, or add pairs of bass modules until you have a maximum of 8. As with System 1, dedicated DSP and power amplification is provided enabling the realisation of a fully optimised modular low frequency system.

CA NAS room 300x225


Soundkaos - SK16 

SK16 225x372

2.5 way full range with soft dome tweeter

> 2 x 6.5" enviee full range driver
> 25mm soft dome tweeter for HF enhancement
> side exit hybrid TL / horn loading
> floating tone wood enclosure in solid hardwoods
> unique enclosure suspension largely decoupled from driver
> 94dB sensitivity, ideal for tubes
> enclosure size w200 x h950 x d130 mm
> over all foot print w250 x h1010 x d300 mm
> weight each 14 kg including stand


Two reviews of the SK16 can be found here:

Six Moons review by Srajan Ebaen -

Hifi Pig review by Linette Smith (Mrs Hifi Pig) -




 Ted Baker London - Finistr (Finisterre)

FINISTR 225x281

The Ted Baker Finistr DAB radio - "Mixing the finest in retro aesthetics with modern must-haves such us Bluetooth streaming and dynamic hi-fi acoustics"  [Ted Baker London]









Ted Baker London - Fastnet

FASTNET 225x281

The Ted Baker Fastnet folding portable speaker - Acoustics with aesthetics, "FASTNET – Ted’s beautiful folding Bluetooth speaker with integrated mic" [Ted Baker London]









HiFi Critic 'Audio Excellence'

The rare and prestigious HiFi Critic 'Audio Excellence' awarded for the Wave 40 (Dec 2014):


Musical Fidelity - Merlin

merlin-loudspeaker-colours 600x282











"Audio WIZARDRY - For over thirty years Musical Fidelity have been at the forefront of Hi-Fi technology. We're known for our phenomenal high-end amplifiers and have received praise from critics across the globe. Merlin delivers Musical Fidelity sound quality in a beautiful, good-looking system that's a joy to own." [Musical Fidelity]


Soundkaos - Wave 40 The Swiss Made Precision Tuned Audio Instrument











HiFi Critic 'Audio Excellence' and 6 Moons award winner - "A flawless speaker-as-musical-instrument widebander in a perfectionist enclosure" [Srajan Ebaen]

"The all solid tone-wood enclosure features an 8" full range driver with a ribbon tweeter for top end duties. The speaker's enclosure loading is a hybrid transmission line/rear horn with a side-exiting terminus and the ovoid solid Alpine Spruce/Maple enclosure with the rippling baffle is completely decoupled from the driver and stand to create very high speed of resonance shedding or minimum energy storage." [6 Moons news room]


Tectonic Elements - High Performance Audio BMR

hibm65_225x188Tectonic Elements high performance ferrite motor BMR drive unit.

The HiBM65C20F-8 Balanced-Mode Radiator uses Tectonic Elements patented bending-wave technology and pistonic modes of operation to deliver room-filling sound dispersion with a wide frequency range and a natural, clear sound.





Rega Research - RS10

rs-10WH-CES-2012_1Rega's stunning high performance loudspeaker combining beautiful form, function, technology and innovation.

"We have pioneered the integration of the BMR unit with the unique Rega dual driver bass system and a completely new and exclusive Rega designed tweeter to create a very special and unique loudspeaker system which offers unparalleled levels of control balance and dynamics." [Rega Research]